Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Setting

1If Accessibility Permission is Not Allow and error occurred to Turn off Accessive Ball Or Quick ball then.
1. Search in Mobile Setting Type Quick ball / Accessive Ball. 2. Click On TURN OFF Quick Ball/ Accessive Ball 3. Then Your Accesibility Permission Will Be Allow.
2If Your Battery Optimization Permission Is Not Allowing In Mobile then.
1. Go to the Mobile Setting Type Battery & Performance in the Search Bar 2. Then Battery Saver Page Will Come Then Click On Setting after That Click On App Battery Saver Then You Will Find ATMT PRO. 3. Then Click On NO RESTRICTION Your Battery Optimization Will Allow.
3If Your Device Admin App not Enable then.
1. Check Whether your mobile is Samsung Galaxy Knox mobile if yes then this model not allow device admin accesss.
4If after SIGN UP otp is not coming then.
1. Check for Internet Access 2. sign up again with different email id and make sure your registered number is correct.
5If Activation code shows Invalid
1. Check for characters exact or not. (example check for L(l) I(i) O(o) 0 this character is mismatch or not)
6If Security Contact Not Save or Update then.
1. Check for Proper Internet Connection Or Internet Speed and refresh your network and then try to save numbers again.
7How to TURN-OFF Talkback?
Important Note: When talkback is on, to activate, double-click instead of single click. Open Setting --> Accessibility --> Talkback --> Talkback OFF --> Ok.


1If You Forget password then.
Click on Forgot password then enter your email-id and otp will come on registered number, then Create new password and confirm the same.then again sign in with new password.
2If You Forget email id then.
Open Atmt Pro --> Profile --> Email id
3Forget your emergency no? If you lose your mobile? Don’t have emergency no with you? how to help yourself?
Open Link and enter email-id and password

Open Link and enter email-id and passwordUser Portal.

Mobile Setting

1If in Redmi & MI phone sms not receive in your emergency No then.
1. Open ATMT Pro APP 2. Go to Setting Turn On AUTOSTART. 3. Battery Saver - Atmt Pro - No restriction 4. After That You Have To Click on Other Permission and Allow All the Permission.
2If Accessibility is Automatically Off then.
1.You Have to Lock The Atmt Pro App In Background. a) Redmi – There Are 3 Buttons In Your Mobile i.e. Back Button , center Button, & Recent App Button 2. In That You Will Find ATMT PRO You Have To Long Press The ATMT PRO Screen Then You Will Find Lock Option then Click On That. 3. After That Your Accessibility Will Not Disallow.
3If Sensor Alert Pin is not set and siren is ringing then
Remove Application From Recent --> Open ATMT PRO --> Click on "+" --> Sensor Activation --> Set Pin --> Turn on Sensor Then Stop with new Pin
4Unauthorized sim calls are blocked
Send “ATMT UNBLOCK” text message from emergency number to Block number.
5How to get exact location?
Update Google Map Long Press on Map Click Info Storage --> Clear Cache --> Map Setting --> Clear History All Time
6If in Realme & Oppo phone sms not receive in your emergency No then.
click on phone managar application - privacy permission - app permission - subordinate permission - rearly use permission -1) read app notifications- atmt pro allow 2)read app usage access - atmt pro allow
7 If in samsung phone sms not receive in your emergency No then.
setting - search special access - 1) notifications access - atmt pro allow 2)usage data access - atmt pro allow
8 If in Vivo phone sms not receive in your emergency No then.
setting - privacy - 1) notification access - atmtpro - allow 2) app with usage access - atmt pro allow

Sales Related

1Can you show me your company registration documents?
2What are the registration documents required to start the business?
GST certificate, Pan card, Adhar card, Courrier Address and Mail id
3Can you show me an award winning certificate? Any video clips of the award function.
4Updates/extra features are coming or not in ATMT Pro mobile App in future?
5Why we should take the Super Stockiest/Distributorship from you only and How do you give your justifications/qualities are better than or good when compared to your competitors?
If you believe in technology related product for business, then you are on correct path. We don’t think that any other companies are standing beside us for competition.
6 What is area Of Distributor Minisuper and Superstokist
Right now we are working on population based districts. Distributor 10 Lakh Population, Minisuper 30 Lakh, Superstokist 50 Lakh.
7Which Marketing Stategy You Follow?
Offline Marketing, 10% Posters, 10% Dangles, 1 banner, 1 sales manager recruited by Distributor, salaried by company up to 15000. He will get ID card and T-shirt from Company. Digital Marketing, TV Advertisement, YouTube Promotions, What’s App Marketing to all retailers, Bulk SMS to all retailers, Facebook Instagram Marketing
8 What is the minimum codes to be purchased for Distributorship, Minisuper and super stockiest?
For Distributorship 2000 codes, For Minisuper 6000 codes & 10000 for superstockiest.
9 After purchasing minimum codes, if it is not get sale, then what we do?
We will give you alternate options for selling.
10 What is the rate of each code for distributorship and super stockiest including GST?. Kindly inform the rate of GST.
For Distributorship Rs.135/- incl. GST codes whereas Rs.120/- for super stockiest.
11Rates are negotiable or non-negotiable for taking the super stockiest/distributorship?
12Can you show me an award winning certificate? Any video clips of the award function.
13If we take the distributorship, what is the sell price to be made to the retailer:
14Can we sell the product directly to the end customer, if we take the distributorship?
15If we take the Super Stockiest, and distributor is not there for that particular district, then what will we do?
You can onboard new distributor by your own also by our side as we will give you leads
16You have informed that, one marketing executive will be given from your side to the distributor. Marketing executive will be appointed from our local place or from your Side.
1 sales manager recruited by Distributor, who is localize and knows local market and language, Interview, Training and salaried by company.
17Can we have the rights/ownership on your marketing executive or not?
18Marketing executive will be work as per your company direction or as per our super stockiest or distributor direction?
19Can we sell the product directly to the end customer, if we take the distributorship?
20What is the agreement/validity period for super stockiest and distributor:
Per year auto-renewal
21Can you send me the draft copy of agreement for super stockiest or distributor:
22What is charges of renewal after completion of agreement period?
It will be from Company
23Is Agreement will be made on Court legal stamp paper. If yes, who will pay the stamp paper fees and advocate charges:
Yes, Company will pay stamp duty.
24You have informed that, marketing tools/material will be provided from your side. For example: posters, banners and pamphlet and available in multiple language?
Yes Hindi and English are available.
25Marketing survey is required before taking the super stockiest or distributorship. If yes, what is the procedure to do the marketing survey?
Its depending up to you.
26What are the risks/challenges/problems involved after taking the super stockiest or distributorship?
You just need to upgrade your marketing skills in every time interval.
27Can we cancel the contract/agreement before or after the agreement period?. What is a cancellation charge?
Its totally nonrefundable. Terms and conditions will be there while agreement.
28If we take the distributorship/super stockiest, codes will be dispatched from your Nagpur office. Courier/transport charges will be on to-pay or paid basis?
From Company Side.
29After dispatch of the stocks/codes from your Nagpur office, during the transit period, code/stocks got damaged or any natural calamities happened who will take the responsible or bear the losses?. Whether transporter/courier, super stockiest/distributor or your company
It will be from company side.